About Intercept

Intercept is my space combat board game that this blog is mainly about. Its notable features are:

  • Vector movement.
  • Double-blind sensor rules without referee.
  • Excel based design system.
  • Gravity rules with multiple stable orbits.
  • Totally deterministic (dice-less) rules (optional).
  • Traveller compatible.
  • GURPS Spaceships conversion.

You can find the rules, printable maps, design system, ready-made designs from the Downloads page.

I would really like some feedback on the game so please feel free to ask any questions or give any feedback, positive or negative. I have only played the game with my coworkers, my girlfriend and my kids and they have all had the benefit of me as a teacher. So give me some feedback please.

Q: How come repair crews on the hull can fall off even at 1G thrust?

A: Ever tried cleaning windows on a skyscraper during an earthquake?

6 Responses to “About Intercept”

  1. Well, aren’t you going to publish a tutorial for the new sensor stuff?

  2. […] I was fiddling with a TL-8 fission rocket design for going to the moon and back as cheap as possibly when I noticed something strange; going for more advanced materials would lower the mass of the ship and thus increasing its acceleration but it had no effect on delta-V? The design was for an upcoming article on landings, takeoffs, aerobraking, docking and ramming. It turned out to be just a bug and together with this post you can download the updated design spreadsheets, designs etc at the usual location. […]

  3. Excellent game! What are your feelings on hexes? Also, is there a way to use less black in the graphics. I think it would empty my ink on my printer if I were to print it.

  4. Arets Paeglis Says:


    I have played and GM’d Intercept for a while now and I must admit these might be my favourite space travel and combat rules of all I’ve seen so far.

    I am writing a MongTrav1/CE-compatible hard sci-fi game book and would very much like to include or refer to these rules, with full attribution, of course. Would that be acceptable to you?

    Best regards,

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