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Summer 2010 update

Posted in Intercept on August 3, 2010 by Mr Backman

I’m sorry that there hasn’t been any updates in a long time (I have been busy doing the AI for Starbreeze’s upcoming 360/PS3 game), however, during my vacation I finally managed to get something done.

After some game sessions with my girlfriend I felt that a few things needed tweaking to make the game more tactical and player-skill based.

  • I have changed how hitlocation works. You can find the new version in the rulebook.
  • I have increased damage to Surface and Thrust hitlocations. All ship designs and the design sheets have been updated to reflect that. To update your own designs just copy over the yellow cell values from your old design to a new Ship.xls and rename when saving.
  • Firing arcs have a gap instead of an overlap between them which makes maneuvering more interesting. You can find the new version in the rulebook.
  • The ship datacard now has boxes where target numbers for various beam ranges and missile attacks can be noted to speed play.

I am currently working on counters and a large mapboard to use after someone has been Spotted and the shooting starts. It will be three counters per ship similarly to how Mayday works. I’ll post all this in a future update and I’ll also add rules and design system stuff for energy storage. Get the new Intercept bundle here and the updated ship designs here.

Hasta la vista baby, I’ll be back.