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Guy Fawkes update

Posted in Intercept on November 7, 2010 by Mr Backman

Well, I missed posting the 5:th of November but I decided to keep the heading regardless.

I have added a page where all download links for Intercept are kept together so you don’t have to click around for them (all downloads are also available in the links section to the right). Aside from this blog maintenance I have made some changes to Intercept itself, large enough to warrant a new version number (3.1.0). The rules book and design system files including all the ready-made designs have been updated with the new rules.

Sensor scanning have been simplified with the introduction of boxes, read the Sensors rules section to learn how to do sensor scanning the new way. I have also changed how Mass(Hull) signature work; ships lacking floorfield or having their floorfield turned off now have a much reduced signature. I also removed the Idle power rules; powerplants are now at full power or completely off.

As a side note: My family have a tradition of blowing up the parliament every 5:th of November in honor of Guy Fawkes and the V for Vendetta movie. We do this by making a model of the british parliament building and then blowing it up with fireworks. Great family tradition for us, a bit creepy for onlookers. My daughter Josefin came up with the idea when she was ten (spoken in a suitably proud fathers voice).