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Update 3.4.1

Posted in Intercept on July 10, 2015 by Mr Backman

Image courtesy of mr Ian Stead

The new version is, as usual, available here.

Under power Thrust and Drift
Under power DMS are modifiers to beam fire when the power requirements for the ship and weapons are larger than what can be supplied by the power plant. Under power Thrust is for when the ship is thrusting and Under power Drift is for when the ship is drifting. Under power DMs are automatically calculated by the spreadsheets, power using Sensors are now included in the ships required power.

Aerobrakes etc
Aerobrakes and dock, ram & land now have their proper place in the sequence of play. It is now possible to do a aerobrake followed by a reverse thrust to zero speed, IF the Pilot task was VGood as the 180 degree turn after aerobrake costs 8 steps of turning (4 steps, x2 for using the Turning after thrusting required to maneuver after aerobrakes).
Sun blinding has been renamed Sunglare and it is now the Scan targets job to remind the scanner of that, in line with how Sun & Shadow column and planet LOS is also the burden of the Scan target.

Other stuff
Sun & Shadow column and planet LOS rules have been merged into one section and clarified.
Attack arcs are now overlapping so for example left and right arcs share a common centerline where both bear, this is known as ‘the money lane’ for top/bottom. Large scale optional rules have been updated with Repair and Power up rules.

Filled in DataCards
I have made some already filled in DataCards for some of the well known Traveller designs, ready for printng and use. They are contained within the Designs download.