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November update

Posted in Intercept on October 31, 2018 by Anders Backman

Damage in Intercept is to simply take the weapons DAM value and subtract the targets DAB value. Use this number and add the highest of 2 D6 if a Very Good hit, 1 D6 if a Good hit and the lowest of 2 D6 if a Fair hit. Should be simple enough.

In order to simplify this a bit further I have precalculated DAM – DAB values for each predesigned ship in Intercept bundle and Designs. During play all you need is to determine your weapons DAM value and add the die roll to it as above, the damage result can simply be read from the damage table on each ship design.

Precalculated damage table

This damage table* tells us that we need to roll 23 or more to at least get a Scratch hit. A damage roll of 35 or more will destroy the ship if it was a Hull hit, otherwise it will destroy that location and by pass on damage cause Critical hit. A damage roll if 38+ will utterly destroy the ship wherever it hits.

Before checking what damage our damage roll caused we should check the box below the damage table. If the hit was a Partial penetration (meaning the PEN of the weapon was less than 4 above the ARM of the target) we go down one row. If the hitlocation was Surface or Thrust we go up one level. No effect is still no effect so no row shifts apply if the hit was No effect.

Free trader weaponry

Let’s take a look at the weaponry*. It has one 10 MW laser, a sandcaster and a missile launcher in each of its two turrets. The laser has a DAM of 24 so a roll of 1-2 give Light damage, a roll of 3-5 gives Severe damage and a roll of 6 gives Critical damage.

The old way of doing damage still exists of course, take your weapons DAM and subtract the targets DAB and use that on the damage table in the rulebook; same result.

As usual I have also added a bunch of smaller edits and updates in the rulebook.

*The damage table and the weaponry come from the Free trader design available from the downloads page.

That is all folks. Happy Halloween!