Changes to Intercept

Some of you may not know it but I keep doing updates to the rules, maps, datacards and design system on a regular bases, just download the Intercept bundle here. Quite a lot of updates have accumulated without andy update posts but I will try to summarise the most recent changes below. To see what version you have simply look at the headings row of the design system for version date. I always update Ship.xls and Data.xls in tandem.  You can see the version of the Data.xls where you see the Ship.xls version number.  To update your designs you need to copy each column labeled Edit from your old design and paste* it into the new Ship.xls, then close the old design and save Ship.xls as the old designs name overwriting it. When you paste it is much safer to do the Paste->Paste values to ensure that you won’t overwrite and formatting.

Updating the Ship.xls sheet

All kinds of thrusters now correctly reports their actual thrust, the two values are Loaded / Unloaded performance. The Mtrl type field now goes from 0-3 with ever decreasing masses for most of a ships components. If you find your designs too low in acceleration and delta-V you should increase your material types to lighter but more expensive versions.

Editable Sun factor

Sun factor
There is now a light yellow field for the Sun factor. It should be easy to recalculate Vis(Hull) and IR(Hull) for other values of the Sun factor but now you can simply enter the value you want in the yellow box. Sun factor is +6 in the life zone of a solar system and goes up by 1 for each orbit inside and down by 1 for each orbit outside down to Sun factor 0. Mercury is +8, Venus is +7, Earth and Luna is of course +6, Mars is +5, Asteroid belt is +4, Jupiter and its moons are +3, Saturn and its moons are +2, Uranus and its moons are +1 and Neptune and its moons are 0. Pluto isn’t even a planet but as its orbit is never much closer than Neptune it is always 0 in Sun factor. Ships in Planet shadow subtract the Sun factor from Vis(Hull).

Living space
Living space and Life support determine the quality of life for the crew past the endurance of its crew stations. More living space per crew member means longer trips without physical or psychological effects. This is mostly here for roleplaying uses but if you design your own ships for competitive play make sure yiu stipulate the expected trip time requirements, ships using Jump drives should have at least one week endurance as this is the time the ship spends in hyperspace. Note that the Closed Lifesupport option requires lots of room for the green house but that entire volume is also treated as Living space and this is reflected on your ship designs.

Living space and crew comfort table

  • 1 m3 per crewmember Cramped 1 day cruise
  • 2 m3 per crewmember Normal 1 day cruise
  • 5 m3 per crewmember Roomy 1 day cruise
  • 10 m3 per crewmember Cramped 1 week cruise
  • 20 m3 per crewmember Normal 1 week cruise
  • 50 m3 per crewmember Normal 1 month cruise
  • 100 m3 per crewmember Cramped 1 year cruise
  • 200 m3 per crewmember Normal 1 year cruise
  • 500 m3 per crewmember Roomy 1 year cruise

Well, that is all for this update, more to come regarding the rules changes later (when I will also document the polar plane gravity sling stealth manuver sometimes called the Marre Red).

3 Responses to “Changes to Intercept”

  1. groknard Says:

    Just wanted to drop a note of thanks for continuing this and continuing to share. It’s probably been a year since I last sat down with Intercept, and I missed the last update completely. Strangely enough, I pulled out my old Mayday box today with the intent on playing this week (for the first time in, um, a long time). Back into the box it goes, Intercept instead!

    OOC, are you picking up T5?

    • Well, thanks for the praise 🙂
      The game that got my hooked on vector movemen´t was also Mayday back in the day. What I didn’t like about it was first and foremost that the drift part of a turn wasn’t in tandem (I move next to you and fire and on your turn you cannot, even if none of us thrusted) and the other one was that there were no rules for facing and turning (the counters weren’t that useful as the ship images faced a corner). I made my own counters and rules and played loads of games with it, never used it for Traveller though, strangely enogh.

    • Thanks for the praise 🙂
      I haven’t followed T5 too closely but I will get it as soon as I read a thrustworthy review, I will buy a physical book in that case.
      All my Traveller rules are homebrew so I mostly buy the Traveller editions to collect and get ideas from but I will certainly buy T5.

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