Intercept bundle update

I have made some changes to the rules, mostly regarding Sensors. There were also some changes to the missiles, especially the larger ones. These changes are in the new rulebook as well as the new Data.xls file. Just replace your old Data.xls with the new one and all your designs will be updated. You can download the Intercept bundle here. Sensors had some changes in terminology and how radar works, the integration bonus rule also changed. Missiles now have a -2G penalty for being cold launch instead of the -1 before, and the larger missiles endurance was reduced, the missiles also got longer control range to fit the range bands. The initiative rules was cleared up a bit and a tie breaker for better control stations was added (Bridge stations > Full stations > Limited stations, mostly to rationalise why warships have such large bridges).

I have not made any changes to Ship.xls as such updates are more troublesome for my users. When I get around to it I will add a Very large turret option (taking x10 the Large turret of weapons) and adding a Very small laser of 5 MW mainly for use as point defense against missiles. I should also do something about fuel purifier, skimmer, cracker, and methane converters. These babies would allow a ship to store liquid Ammonia or Methane instead of the usual liquid Hydrogen to pack more fuel per m3. The drawback would be that you must convert it into hydrogen before you can use it for the jump drive. My take on the mysterious Fuel purifier is that Jump drives use hydrogen not as fuel but as matter to build up the jump field, and that Hydrogen that has been purified from Deuterium and traces Helium etc work better. Finally, I should also add some kind of energy storage banks so you can build ships that must power up their banks before they can fire, Attack vector style.

If someone wants anything added, changed or explained please use the Comment feature, I will gladly answer any questions regarding Intercept, I am a bit surprised about the lack of comments given the number of downloads and views. Come on guys and girls, don’t be shy.

Move along, there is nothing interesting here. I am a perfectly normal human worm-baby.

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