Sentinel field of view

Image credit: Bell Aerospace / B612 Foundation.

‘Keep the solar wind to your backside’, isn’t that just a clever way of explaining how to attack from out of the sun, Baron Richtofen style?

Some players, mainly my kids, have complained that the rules on Sunglare is too harsh. If your Scan touches the Sunglare column (the column of squares from your ship straight up towards the central star) is reduced in strength by -6 (or Sun factor really, but that is typically 6).

Well, it so happens that a proposed satellite to scan for asteroids have much more severe limitations on where they may Scan as the picture show. No, I promise I won’t make it any harder to Scan towards the Sun, I’ll keep it the way it is, just a friendly reminder that Intercept is actually nicer and more forgiving than the cold equations of physics. The picture is from an interesting article that you may or may not agree with, dealing with the costs and benefits of deflecting asteroids.

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