Update 2013-12-09

Planet LOS in Star Wars

The  Design system has been updated so that headings for SA (Surface area), Volume and Power turn red if the values become too large (too much surface area for the hull, too much volume for the hull, not enough power to run all components). Note that any components with power use value in Bold must be handled while playing as they are optional to the ships running; weapons and the various fuel converters are examples. Note also that weapons can operate with less than full power allocated with DMs from the Underpower table, the gun is sinply firing at a lower rate of fire reducing power draw and hit propability.

The Subsidized merchant actually has its power heading in red because it cannot run its Floater and Floorfield at the same time, yeah pretty crummy those subs but they are definitely the cheapest merchants per hauled cargo.

The rulebook has gotten a better movement example and the section on Planet LOS has been rewritten to simplify and clarify 2013-12-09

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